The Repairs Process

Below is a useful checklist to help you start a repair
request with JCM Europe (JCM E)

Firstly, fill out and send the SRA Request form to JCM E

You will receive a SRA number from JCM E - please quote this via email or call to this number +49 211 530 645 38. If we don’t have the SRA number and completed form, we may not be able to help you.

Please send the defective item/s with all its components, otherwise we may not be able to carry out repairs.

Please don’t return any manuals, driver, cables, face plates, mounting brackets or any other accessories to avoid unnecessary shipping costs.

Please full fill and send this form via E-Mail before you ship back this SRA to us, and include one copy of this form with the shipment.

Please complete and email this form back to us before shipping any items back to us for repair - and be sure to include a copy of this form with the package.

In order to speed up the repair process, please state clearly the problem on the form. Note: do add in the flashing LED Code to the error description!

We kindly request that you always quote your SRA number when you speak or correspond with the JCM E Repair department - without this number, we cannot track your repair.

Important Note: Please do add the ‚Error Blinking Code‘ in your error description - this will help us to help you faster!

If you have a complaint - please also fill out the SRA/QRA form.

Terms and Conditions for

JCM provides direct warranty and non-warranty repairs plus service for all JCM products. Download our full terms and conditions for repairs below for more details.

SRA form

Please find below the SRA form to log your repair request. You must fill this in and send it to us in order to receive your SRA number.

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