Ticket2Go™ System

Ticket2Go, JCM-FutureLogic’s innovative and market-leading ticketing solution developed for AWP/low payout machines, provides a networked ticket in/ticket out solution as well as the proven networkless ticket payout feature.


  • Developed for small to medium-sized gaming avenues
  • Designed for analog and digital gaming machines
  • Compatible with multipe protocols (GBG, SAS, ccTalk)
  • Improves security in your operations
  • Flexible configuration: TITO, eTITO, CITO


Key Advantages

  • ONE solution for both analogue and digital platforms
  • No network required to connect machines operating ticket pay-out only
  • Ticket2Go TITO solution can operate across existing Ethernet networks used by gaming platforms
  • Accounting reports including tickets and cash payments
  • Elimination of hopper refills and jams, maximises game playing time
  • Reduced operating costs through less interventions

Maximised Revenue

  • Increased machine uptime by elimination of hoppers – no more refills or jams
  • Proven fact that ticket payment results in an increase in the cash box net win
  • Enhanced player experience
  • Ticket redemption increases interaction with the player
  • Direct interaction with player provides opportunity to market and reward

Integration Functions

  • Provides simple and easy to use audit and data management functions
  • Available for single site and multi-site operations
  • Integration with any third-party ticket redemption unit possible

Operational Efficiencies

  • Resolves hopper starvation problems with ticket pay-outs
  • No coin handling leads to reduction in staffing and banking costs
  • Reduced staff intervention as refills and jams eliminated
  • Significant reduction in time it takes to collect cash from machines – up to 50% reduction

Increased Security

  • Removal of hoppers allows for cash to be collected from machines as part of end of day procedure reducing the risk of out of hours robbery
  • Frauds associated with coin refills are no longer an issue

Flexible Configurations

  • TITO, eTITO and CITO

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