Frequently asked questions

JCM offers a portal for downloading firmware/software. Please follow this link to our download portal.

You can send repairs to our service partners, or directly to JCM Europe. Please use this email contact.

The maintenance training includes general product information, the use of the software tools, cleaning instructions and information on how to fix jams. For further details please send us an email.

You can download firmware using the Tool Suite and a USB connection. These software tools can be found on our download portal.

To request a new development, please use this link.

Please send us an email for availability and pricing information.

JCM offers hardware and software for adjusting products. Please contact our technical support for more details.

You can test our products with a host simulator on your PC.

After signing an NDA, you will receive detailed protocol specifications.

Technical information can be obtained via our download portal, or directly from our technical support team.