TBV™ (Transactional Bill Validator)

"JCM Global’s TBV™ is the better, smarter, faster solution for single note and bulk note transactions. At processing speeds of 1.7 seconds for fixed width notes, TBV has proven advanced technology that provides the highest level of counterfeit detection. It is perfect for selfpay kiosk operations, retail safes, ticketing/transit operations, automated deposit systems and banking operations."


  • High capacity cash box
  • Easily accessible 2,000 note cash box
  • Dirt- and liquid-resistant bill path
  • Durable construction
  • Bulk note feeder


Acceptance Rate
98% or greater

Bulk note up to 50 notes

Banknote Size
Long side: 110–170 mm, short side: 60–85 mm

Banknote Insertion Direction
4 ways

1 note

Dimensions in mm
475.8 (H) x 468.9 (D) x 114 (W)

Approx. 12 kg

Supply Voltage
24 V DC (±5%)

Cash Box Capacity
2,000 notes (new notes)

USB, photocoupler isolation, RS232C, ccTalk

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