FUZION® System

"Imagine a world where the slot machine can be utilised in new ways to unlock greater value for you and for your players. That is the game-changing technology called FUZION. When you connect JCM’s new GEN5 printer and the iVIZION bill validator to your compatible back-end CMS you unleash the power of FUZION. Every machine on your slot floor could deliver a server-driven suite of player-focused, revenue-driving features. FUZION turns every slot maching into a multi-line profit centre, with slots, sports book, promotions and lottery tickets at your players’ fingertips. FUZION is at the core of the future-ready casino floor."


  • Expanded revenue opportunities
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced security
  • Mobile technology


The FUZION® system provides cash management data from across the casino.

Backed by data, each department can make process improvements with FUZION® technology: slot management will improve BV performance with dashboard monitoring, count/drop will reduce E-drops with cashbox fullness reporting, security and surveillance will receive AML alerts with transaction dates and times.

FUZION® gives you intelligence,
security and interconnected transactions no other supplier can provide.

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