RDM™-200 Bill Validator

The RDM, an institution for financial deposit, intelligent safe deposit, and behind-the-counter applications goes into the next generation. RDM™-200 is now equipped with a contact image sensor (CIS), using multiple wavelength full-width image scanning in its sensor package, allowing for superior banknote validation, dye stain note detection, and serial number reading. The CIS sensor technology ensures even higher security, acceptance rates, and faster processing thanks to high-resolution image recognition. The innovative design of the RDM™-200’s transport paths enables 6 banknotes per second to be processed with the highest possible reliability. RDM™-200 is the ideal banknote acceptor when it comes to installation on or in deposit safes.


  • Secure deposits at six notes per second
  • 250-note input capacity
  • High acceptance rate
  • Four-way banknote acceptance
  • Easy integration to an intelligent deposit safe


Acceptance Rate
98% or greater

Bulk note up to 250 notes

Process Speed
6 notes per second

Banknote Size
Long side: 110–160 mm
Short side: 60-82mm

Banknote Insertion Direction
4 ways

Barcode Ticket
2 ways (face up)

1 note

Dimensions in mm
269.8 (H) x 531.3 (D) x 163.8 (W)

Approx. 17 kg

Supply Voltage
24 V DC (±10%)

Cash Box Capacity


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