Company Profile

JCM Global is the worldwide leader and most trusted name in currency and transaction management, and its products are used in countries around the globe. For more than 50 years, customers have trusted JCM to develop innovative currency solutions for a diverse range of industries, including gaming, vending, retail, financial, transportation, security, and custom application.

JCM’s corporate history dates back to the mid-1950s, when Japan Cash Machine Inc., Ltd., was founded in Osaka, Japan, and a tradition of developing currency solutions was born. Initially engaged in the sale and maintenance of mechanical cash registers, in 1957, JCM began direct production, and in 1959, the company established a new factory in Osaka. JCM has been a worldwide leading manufacturer of cash registers ever since.

When JCM was established, mechanical cash registers dominated the market, and as technology evolved, so did JCM, and in 1974, the company began to manufacture and sell electronic cash registers, diversifying the company’s offerings and strengths.

Technology continued to evolve, and JCM continued to be at the forefront, and in 1981, the company began to construct and sell bill validators for the Japanese Yen. As more and more U.S. currency notes were in worldwide circulation, JCM evolved its bill validator for U.S. currency and the Deutsche Mark in 1986.

The company continued to grow, and in 1987, JCM Gold (H.K.) was established in Hong Kong, as the first overseas manufacturing plant for JCM’s cash registers. The company continued to expand in 1988 when JCM American was incorporated in the U.S. in New Jersey. JCM continued to expand internationally and in 1999, JCM’s German office opened in Duesseldorf, followed by JCM’s UK office in 2004, and the pair have been vibrant industry forces ever since.

The company entered new territory in 1988, when JCM was asked by a Japanese pachinko center owner (already one of its customers) if JCM could find a solution to the time-consuming money handling and to reduce the labor needed for money management at the hall. First JCM introduced token dispensers for installation between game machines in a pachi-slot corner using technology which combined bill verification and coin conveyance technology. Next, with token dispensers as a base, JCM developed an automatic token supply system that is able to dispense, convey, and store tokens, and began marketing of pachi-slot machines and change-dispensing machines.

Building on the idea in the U.S., a revolutionary new concept was created: a side-mounted bill validator for casino gaming devices. The idea was met with success and JCM sold side-mounted bill validators to Sigma in Tokyo for machines that dispensed rolled coins. This success led to the development of the first up-stacker validator, and in the early 1990s, a monumental partnership was forged, when leading slot manufacturer IGT and JCM joined forces to deploy the new device in IGT video lottery machines.

JCM’s innovative spirit led to the development of its unique embedded bill validator with lockable and removable cash box. The unit’s design satisfied the requirements and regulations of the major U.S. gaming jurisdictions, and as a result, that design played a major role in the implementation of the bill validator in the gaming industry – something that more than 1.5 million slot machines around the globe have today.

JCM’s expertise in the bill validator business has resulted in the development of strong working relationships with the U.S. Treasury and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. This relationship allows JCM to routinely meet with these agencies as new currency is developed, and access to new money prior to general distribution, enabling JCM to have software upgrades available for operators before consumers have newly designed currency in their hands. In addition to staying ahead of legitimate currency changes, JCM also stays on top of technology used to create counterfeit money, and meets with the government when new counterfeits are detected to ensure new software can be developed to detect counterfeits.

In stock developments, JCM was listed on the new 2nd section of the Osaka Securities Exchange in 1993, and in 2000, the company was listed on the new 2nd section of the Tokyo Securities Exchange. The company was listed on the 1st section of Tokyo and Osaka stock exchange market in 2004. Meeting tough standards is extremely important to JCM, and in 1998, the company was certified to ISO 9001. In 2004, the company was certified to ISO 14001.

JCM’s innovative spirit has led to the creation of products that are technologically innovative, and the company’s work has been recognized with several patents and trademarks.

JCM’s innovative and cooperative spirit led to the creation of the JCM Golf Classic in 1999. Partnering with the American Gaming Association, the annual event raises money for the National Council for Responsible Gaming. To date, event has raised more than $600,000.

With a solid track record today JCM offers a wide range of capabilities including currency recognition/validation, operational intelligence/intelligent report, micro transport, magnetic and optical sensing, contact image sensing, bulk note acceptance, note recycling, note centering and thermal printing. Other innovative product features include the ability to dispense customer paper tokens, cash, coupons or tickets, barcode reading technology, smart cash box technology, international currency acceptance for up to 80 countries and much more.

JCM believes in constant innovation, growth, and diversification. In addition to the company’s core of engineers, every employee at JCM constantly strives to conceive of innovative solutions to improve the cash-handling process. We picture ourselves not as vendors, but as partners with our clients, deepening relationships by listening to their challenges, and creating leading solutions.

At JCM, we strive to fully develop our worldwide business by helping our partners to increase efficiency and lower operating costs by always developing and improving technology to suit their needs. With our preventative maintenance and training programs, we further help our partners minimize unnecessary service and repairs. From our headquarters in Osaka, Japan, to every corner of the globe, JCM Global offers a world of solutions.