Successful experience at FIJMA and expansion plans in Spain

Successful experience at FIJMA and expansion plans in Spain

In an interview with Soloazar, Jaime Bonet Torrendell, Sales Manager at JCM Europe, gives an overview of JCM’s revolutionary and new products, a review of FIJMA 2024 and an outlook on the future of the Spanish market.

Soloazar: What novelties did you present during this edition of FIJMA? What were the most outstanding products or services at your stand?

Jaime Bonet Torrendell: At this edition of FIJMA, JCM Global unveiled several ground-breaking products poised to redefine the gaming landscape. Among them, the UBA Ultra® stands out as the pinnacle of bill validator technology, setting new standards for reliability, security, and performance. Additionally, Ticket2Go® was introduced to streamline ticket redemption processes, enhancing player convenience and operator efficiency.
Lastly, the Card Reader Terminal with PoolPay® revolutionizes payment processing at pool tables and family entertainment center machines, offering a seamless and secure transaction experience. One payment terminal can be connected to multiple machines in family entertainment centers (FEC), reducing initial investment costs and ongoing expenses. Another key product at the FIJMA show was our TPV, a perfect solution for Spanish gamblers who wish to have a TITO and start playing with this TITO in slot machines and roulette. Gamblers can easily obtain this TITO with their wallet or cards through the JCM TPV. During the FIJMA Show, we saw significant interest from operators in having our JCM TPV in their arcades. Operators understand that gamblers can obtain a TITO in a very simple and quick way, allowing them to immediately start playing their favorite slot machines and roulette. Our stand at FIJMA showcased a wide range of standout products, including the UBA Ultra®, Ticket2Go®, Card Reader Terminal with PoolPay®, VEGA PRO, VEGA PRO RC-Twin, GEN5, CouponXpress, and the complete UBA Pro Family. Each product represents the culmination of cutting-edge technology and innovation, tailored to meet the diverse needs of gaming establishments worldwide.

Soloazar: How do you see the current Spanish market? What are your plans for growth and expansion in the Spanish market?

Jaime Bonet Torrendell: JCM Global sees immense potential in the current Spanish market. Our plans for growth and expansion involve leveraging our innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the market. We aim to forge strategic partnerships, enhance customer relationships, and continue delivering unparalleled value to stakeholders in Spain. JCM Global offers a unique product portfolio for all payment methods in the Spanish market. We provide advanced cash handling solutions with our state-of-the-art VEGA Pro RC banknote recycler, which revolutionizes operations by improving cash management processes and increasing machine uptime. Additionally, we feature the well-known market-leading GEN5 printer, the proven T2G TITO solution, and the newly designed TPV kiosk, which enables debit card payments for TITO tickets. Our customers can choose one product, all products, or a combination of our products.

Soloazar: How are you taking advantage of the increase of the iGaming events in the country for this year as well as for 2025?

Jaime Bonet Torrendell: With the increase in iGaming events in Spain for this year and beyond, JCM Global is strategically positioning itself to capitalize on these opportunities. We will actively participate in relevant events to showcase our latest innovations, forge new
connections, and stay abreast of industry trends, thereby solidifying our presence in the Spanish gaming landscape.

Soloazar: How do you perceive the evolution of face-to-face gaming compared to online gaming?

Jaime Bonet Torrendell: JCM Global perceives the evolution of face-to-face gaming compared to online gaming as complementary rather than competitive. While online gaming continues to gain traction, face-to-face gaming remains an integral part of the overall gaming experience, offering unique social interactions and immersive environments. We are committed to supporting both segments of the gaming industry with tailored solutions that enhance player engagement and satisfaction.

Soloazar: What are the next events you are going to attend?

Jaime Bonet Torrendell: Internationally, our focus will now turn to 2025 and our participation in the EAG and the ICE show, which we look forward to in its new Barcelona location.

From left to right:
Payam Zadeh, General Manager. Dragoljub Grekulovic, Head of Competence Center EMEA / Product Manager. Jaime Bonet Torrendell, Sales Manager. Evgeny Shulyak, Head of Business Development / Sales Manager. Christian Huisgen, Teamleader Customer Care Center. Sebastian Steen, Marketing Assistant.