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JCM Global is a world leader in payment and transaction technologies.

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Our key global markets

Award-winning product solutions

JCM Global is a world leader in transaction technologies. From its global network of offices, the company provides award-winning solutions such as bill validators, note recyclers, printers, systems solutions and more.

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Customer Support

JCM Global supports customers in a number of ways, including ongong product training, fast and responsive customer support, firmware and manuals and quality repairs.

Customer Support

Get in touch with JCM Global today and our staff will be happy to help you.

Product repairs

JCM provides direct warranty and non-warranty repairs plus service for all JCM products. We also offer service packages and refurbishment options to minimise downtime.


An invaluable tool, available to JCM Global customers 24/7, allowing fast access to software tools and updates, brochures and product drawings, saving time and money.

About us

JCM Global is the worldwide leader and one of the most trusted names in currency and transaction management, and its products are used in countries around the globe. For more than 50 years, customers have trusted JCM to develop innovative currency solutions for a diverse range of industries, including gaming, vending, retail, financial, transportation, security, and custom applications.

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Our Customers

JCM Global works with leading names in all of our key markets, including the brands listed below.

Our partners

We work closely with a number of strategic partners in developing products and services for specific markets. JCM Global is always eager to collaborate with companies looking to develop new products and services or eager to reach new markets.
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